About Mia & Co.

 Mia & Co. is a contemporary hand embroidery clothing and accessories brand. everything is completely handmade from start to finish. All clothing and accessories are hand sewn, hand dyed, beaded or hand embroidered to create truly unique and fun graphic sweatshirts, graphic t-shirts, accessories and more! All of our items are handmade and then customized according to your purchase. So even if you see an item you want is sold out, you can still order it! Our custom items require 1-2 weeks additional to finish and ship out. 

I have a confession... my name isn't Mia! I'm Sydney and I was born and raised in Alabama. After college I decided to move to New York to find a career in fashion. It was only after a short while of living here that I had the idea for Mia. "Mia" stands for "Made in Alabama". I always take a piece of my love for my home state and put it into everything I make. For as long as I can remember I have always been obsessed with the idea of making things from scratch. That's why everything in my shop is handmade from start to finish. Each piece is unique. 

I believe that your loungewear should be just as high quality as your evening wear. I use high quality materials for a super soft and comfortable feel. Each inch of my store is designed from scratch and made by hand in a sustainable and high quality way.